Garage Door Repairs in Orange County

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We provide expert garage door system repair services, and we can repair or replace damaged or malfunctioning:

  • Garage doors and openers
  • Springs, tracks, and trolleys
  • Bushings, bearings, and cables
  • Rails, struts, and opener brackets
  • Hinges and weather stripping
  • Remote transmitters and receivers
  • Motion detectors and safety sensors
  • Fingerprint recognition keypads
  • Multi-function wall controls
  • Battery backup systems
  • Laser parking assistants

We offer all of the latest garage door styles and the most innovative operating technology, and our expert garage door system maintenance and repair services enable our valued clients' existing garage door systems to function well and to last for as long as possible.

We are our area's best value for full service garage door sales, installation, maintenance, and repair services. We can install:

  • Garage doors - in all of the latest styles, both traditional and modern.
  • Garage door openers - of all makes and models, whether purchased through us or not.
  • Motion detectors and safety sensors - to protect your family members and pets.
  • Remote transmitters and receivers - for maximum ease of garage door access.
  • Multi-function wall controls and fingerprint recognition keypads - for increased home security.
  • Battery backup systems - for proper garage door functionality in the event of a power outage.
  • Laser parking assistants - to ensure correct vehicle placement in your garage.

We provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services for all types of garage doors, openers, and electronic accessories, and do our best to prolong the lifespan of these essential garage door system components for as long as possible. The garage door is the largest moving object in your home, with 70% of homeowners using it as their primary means of entry. Therefore, having it professionally checked for safety and performance is crucial to its longevity. Towards this end, we highly recommend our valued clients schedule an annual garage system tune-up, where we can detect any problems before they arise. Each garage door system tune-up includes lubrication of all the working parts of the system, including the rollers, hinges, drums, bearing plates, cables, springs, and the opener, as well as a thorough inspection of the system components for safety issues and excess wear.


Broken Spring Replacement

Depend upon the professionals at Alicia Garage Doors for expert garage door spring replacement services at an affordable price, and join the tens of thousands of satisfied customers we have serviced throughout South Orange County since our company was founded in 1981. As one of our area's oldest garage door contractors, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to perform spring replacement services for all types of residential garage door systems, and stand behind our workmanship with written guarantees.

Garage door spring replacement should only be performed by a qualified professional: a licensed garage door contractor with years of experience in the field. This is due not only to the safety issues involved in the replacement of garage door springs, but also because the proper sizing of the springs is crucial to ensure that a garage door system operates properly on a day to day basis. Proper sizing ensures that garage door springs possess the strength required to adequately balance the weight of the door, and will not wear out prematurely or break. However, the proper maintenance of garage door springs is also important, and even properly sized garage door springs which are not maintained regularly are likely to suffer a reduced lifespan. All types of garage door springs need to be adjusted and lubricated on a periodic basis to operate at their peak level, and when proper maintenance procedures are not observed, these springs can become subject to corrosion and breakage.

Roller & Track Replacement

Garage door rollers and tracks are a crucial component of your home's garage door system, and are subject to constant wear and tear during the day to day operation of your home's garage door. When not properly maintained, garage door rollers can become bent or broken, interfering with the smooth operation of the garage door, and causing improper garage door alignment, track damage, and the need for track repairs or replacement services.

Rely upon Alicia Garage Doors for expert and affordable garage door roller and track repair and replacement services.

Garage Door Tune-Ups

Our comprehensive garage door tune-ups include preventative care, lubrication, and adjustment of rollers, hinges, tracks, cables, openers, springs, and more to detect and solve any garage door and garage door opener problems before they arise.

Schedule Your Comprehensive Garage System Tune-up Today:

Routine preventative maintenance for your garage door system.

Ensures optimal system functionality; increases system lifespan.

Includes the lubrication and adjustment of all system components, including: rollers, hinges, drums, bearing plates, cables, springs, and opener.

Also includes a thorough system safety inspection, as well as a check for any excess component wear.